Quality Mattress Deals

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t go cheap on, it’s your mattress. The average person spends nearly 8 hours a day on their mattress so if you’re going to use it that much, it’s a good idea to buy a quality mattress. Fortunately, you don’t have a spend a fortune to get a quality mattress.

Here are some of the best rated mattresses and here are the best selling mattresses.

As you can see, many of these are just a couple of hundred bucks with some being under $200.

Spring Coil vs Memory Foam

When it comes to mattresses, you have a few choices to choose from. You have different sizes like king, queen, and full. You also have different choices in what materials are in your mattresses such as straw, cotton, and feather. The 2 most popular choices, due to how comfortable they are, spring coil mattresses and memory foam mattresses.

Spring coil mattresses have been around since the 19th century. They’re made of steel coil springs to help support your body while you sleep and because it uses coils, you get that bouncing effect.

Foam mattresses are newer invention and didn’t come on the market until 1996. NASA made it popular when they invented the Memory Foam. You probably remember the commercials like the ones from Temper-Pedic where you can jump on a bed with a wine glass on it and it won’t spill.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of mattresses so which one you buy just depends on your preference. Foam mattresses are better at supporting the different arches on your body. Spring coils will give you a more bouncy feel while the foam ones will give you a more cushion feel. Foam mattresses can feel warmer.

The level of comfort for spring coils can go down within a year’s usage, whereas the comfort level of the foam mattress will remain intact after years of usage.

Foam mattresses can feel colder or warmer depending on the temperature of the room. Spring coil mattresses won’t experience this change in temperature.

Some people will prefer the spring coils because it’s what they’re used to growing up while other say once they tried the memory foam ones, they would never go back to spring coil mattresses.

The most important thing when it comes to buying a mattress is how good of a sleep it will give you for years to come. Whether you prefer a spring coil or a foam mattress, choose one with good ratings and you should be fine.