Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug which reduces the hormones that cause pain and inflammation in the body. Many people use this drug for things like toothaches, the common cold, arthritis, back pain, fever, and to treat pain. Most people don’t know it by it’s actual name, rather, they recognize the brand names that contain it such as Advil, Midol, and Motrin.

Here’s one of the best prices for ibuprofen.

As with most OTC drugs, you can save money by buying the generic brand of ibuprofen. You can certainly stick with a brand name like Advil but you’d only be spending more money than you have to.

Here is the back label for Advil and Ibuprofen from Kirkland Signature.

Advil is on the left:

As you can see, the active ingredient is the same, even all the uses are the same, but if you buy a bottle of Advil, you’ll not only spend more, you’ll get less tablets as well. For some drugs, you do want to look at some of the inactive ingredients as well just in case there’s something in there you’re allergic too but in general, when it comes to these types of over the counter drugs like ibuprofen, as long as the active ingredient is the same, just get whatever the cheapest brand is. Just make sure you look at how many capsules or tablets you’re getting when comparing different brands to see which one is the best deal.