Herbalife Products

Looking for Herbalife? Well, you won’t find them at your local Walmart or GNC. In fact, it’s not all that easy to even find the prices of their products on their website but fortunately, you can find and buy Herbalife products here.

You’ll find Herbalife’s top products like their Formula One Nutritional Shakes, their Herbal Tea, and various vitamins and weight loss products.

Currently, there’s a bigger selection of Herbalife products on Ebay.

So what’s the deal with Herbalife and why can’t you buy them in stores and how come their website doesn’t show you the prices right away?

To understand why, you need to know how Herbalife runs its business. Herbalife is a direct selling company and uses network marketing to distribute their products. People join the company as distributors and are allowed to sell Herbalife products. Some people do decently retailing their products. The more popular way of making money with Herbalife is by recruiting other people and getting them to become distributors and earn money by getting a cut of their profits.

So what happens when you order from Herbalife’s website? You’ll be assigned a local distributor who may or may not end up contacting you with the hopes that you will like the products enough to become a distributor yourself.

If you’ve ever had any contact with network marketing people, then you’ll know some of them can be quite pushy. So if you don’t want to deal with any of that and just want to buy the products, get them on Amazon.

Distributors who couldn’t find customers to sell the products they bought often sell them online at cost or even at a loss just to get rid of them so you end up saving some money or at least buying them for the same price as you would on the company website but without having to deal with anyone contacting you to try to recruit you.