Ensure To Gain Weight

If you want to gain weight by drinking Ensure, this is the one to get.

Ensure has the regular “original” version and the Plus version. The only difference is that the Plus version has more calories, 350 compared to 220 calories in the original one.

When it comes to gaining weight, it’s all about consuming more calories than your body burns. The reason people like drinking nutritional shakes like Ensure is because it’s fast and easy. Rather than spend your time preparing and cooking a meal, you can just open one of these bottles up and drink it within a few seconds.

So how much of this should you drink? Ensure and other shakes like it should really only be used to supplement your diet, not replace it. You should be eating regular food and use Ensure as a way to add extra calories without too much extra work involved.

Many people think Ensure is only for old people but that’s not true. Although many elders drink Ensure, it’s only because it’s an easy way for some to get nutrients, especially those who have a hard time eating solid foods.

Since gaining weight is all about how many calories you consume, to actually gain weight, just consume more calories. How much more? Start with 500 calories more per day. So eat as much as you would normally eat each day but now add an extra 500 calories. Since Ensure Plus is only 350 calories, you’ll have to find something that is at least 150 calories more.

If your main goal is to gain weight, there are other shakes designed for that purpose such as this mass gainer. Each serving is 1250 calories! Of course, you don’t have to drink that much, half a serving a day would be enough for you to gain about 1 pound a week.

The biggest thing when it comes to weight gain or weight loss is consistency. You can’t just eat a lot for a few days and expect to gain weight especially if you’re someone with high metabolism. To reach your weight goal, you’ll have to eat those extra amounts of calories each and every day for months on end or until you reach your weight goal.

It takes work and that’s probably why many people are either too fat or too skinny. If you want to reach your weight goals, you’ll have to be consistent with how much you eat.